2023 Staff

To assist with communication, please find below a list of our teams, staff, roles and email addresses. 


Administration Team    
Principal Leanne Miller Leanne.Miller@education.vic.gov.au
Assistant Principal  Marita Eddy Marita.McLean@education.vic.gov.au
Business Manager Jo Jacobs Joanne.Jacobs@education.vic.gov.au
Office Administration Emily Field  Emily.Field@education.vic.gov.au
  Tanya Ruschmeyer (Mon & Tues) Tanya.Ruschmeyer@education.vic.gov.au
  Judy Turner  Judith.Turner@education.vic.gov.au
Wellbeing Team     
Assistant Principal - Health & Inclusion Marita Eddy Marita.McLean@education.vic.gov.au
Lead Teacher - Mental Health & Wellbeing Leader Nathan Manuel Nathan.Manuel@education.vic.gov.au
Wellbeing Support Jo Reid Jo. Reid2@education.vic.gov.au
Prep Team    
Learning Specialist and Classroom Teacher Jess Tomlinson Jessica.Tomlinson@education.vic.gov.au 
Classroom Teacher Julie Friswell Julie.Friswell@education.vic.gov.au
Classroom Teacher Brooke O'Grady Brooke.OGrady@education.vic.gov.au  
Grade 1/2 Team    
Learning Specialist and Classroom Teacher Prue McMillin  Prudence.McMillin@education.vic.gov.au
Classroom Teacher                                               Jemma McDougall Jemma.McDougall@education.vic.gov.au
Classroom Teacher Hope Golding Hope.Golding@education.vic.gov.au
Classroom Teacher Amy McMillan Amy.McMillan@education.vic.gov.au
Classroom Teacher Robyn Powell Robyn.Powell@education.vic.gov.au
Grade 3/4 Team    
Learning Specialist and Classroom Teacher Tom Gamble Thomas.Gamble@education.vic.gov.au
Classroom Teacher Christina Theodorou Christina.Theodorou2@education.vic.gov.au
Classroom Teacher Ashlie McKenzie Ashlie.McKenzie@education.vic.gov.au
Classroom Teacher Emily Mogyorossy Emily.Mogyorossy@education.vic.gov.au
Grade 5/6 Team    
Learning Specialist and Classroom Teacher Amanda Campbell Amanda.Campbell@education.vic.gov.au
Classroom Teacher Leigh Westcott Leigh.Westcott@education.vic.gov.au
Classroom Teacher Cassie Widdows Cassandra.Widdows@education.vic.gov.au
Classroom Teacher Tom Williamson Thomas.Williamson@education.vic.gov.au
Specialist Teaching Team    
Chinese Teacher  Christina Xie (Wednesdays)  
Chinese Teacher  Shengjiie Chiu (Thursdays)  
Digital Technology Teacher Ben Suter Benjamin.Suter@education.vic.gov.au
Literature in the Library Teacher Claire Osborne Claire.Osborne@education.vic.gov.au
Performing Arts Teacher Jaz van Agtmaal Jazmine.vanAgtmaal@education.vic.gov.au
Visual Arts Teacher Sonia Jardine Sonia.Jardine@education.vic.gov.au
Additional Teaching Staff    
Learning Tutor Mandy Armitage (Mon-Thurs) Mandy.Armitage@education.vic.gov.au
Casual Relief Teacher Kellie Doherty  
Learning Specialist Release  Tony Gundry (Wed & Thurs) Tony.Gundry@education.vic.gov.au
Classroom Support    
Student Support Cindy Cutting  
Student Support Belinda Farmer  
Student Support Allan Oxley  
Student Support Tiff Smith  
Student Support Xiaolan Thornton  

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