Essential Feature 2 - Establish leadership and school-wide support

Golden Square Primary School SWPBS Leadership Team was established in 2020 and new members have joined the team in 2020. The members of this team include staff from various areas of the school plus a parent/carer representative.


  • Stacee Kingdon - Kerrieanne is a Lead Teacher in our school and whose role includes leading the implementation of the SWPBS framework.
  • Lisa Castles - Lisa is our parent/carer representative on our SWPBS team.
  • Leanne Miller - Leanne is our school principal and a strong supporter of SWPBS who is a member of the Loddon Campaspe SWPBS Governance Group.
  • Jazmine Morris - Specialist teacher.
  • Tom Williamson - Grade 5/6 teacher.
  • Ashlie McKenzie - Grade 3/4 teacher.
  • Mandy Armitage - Grade 1/2 teacher.
  • Kelli Bailey - School chaplain.
  • Emma Hollingsworth - Mental Health Coordinator who is a registered teacher.

The team is supported by our new regional coach, Kerry Hammond.


Staff meet on a monthly basis to ensure that there is the chance to engage in learning and collaboration as we implement the framework in the school.


We are still to add student members to this team.


A report to the School Council is submitted on an annual basis, plus updates throughout the year as this work is specifically stated in our School Strategic Plan and our Annual Implementation Plan.

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