Welcome to Golden Square Primary School

"Working as One"

Golden Square Primary School's mission is to engage all children in a high- quality education where they will thrive in their social, emotional and academic journey. Our school community will work collaboratively in a safe, kind and respectful environment that inspires a passion and curiosity for learning.

The implementation of a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework and the teaching of Respectful Relationships is our approach to supporting and developing every child's social and emotional intelligence. 

The Wellbeing Team at our school includes a Leading Teacher, a Mental Health Coordinator, as part of our involvement in the Mental Health in Primary Schools pilot program, a School Chaplain and a Wellbeing Support person. 

We have a strong focus on the teaching of literacy and numeracy within our school. Our Assistant Principal leads this area of our work and is supported by three Learning Specialists.

Our focus on these two core areas are complemented beautifully by the delivery of a specialist program that includes Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Digital Technology, and either Auslan (for children in Grades Prep through to Grade 2) or Chinese (for children in Grades 3 through to Grade 6).

The teaching of children at their point of need requires every staff member to know every child and the differentiating of curriculum is an approach that is evident in every classroom, every day.

All children are kept physically active with special time devoted to Physical Education and Sport. Our stadium provides us with a wonderful inside facility to use while our outside facilities provide us with the opportunity to exercise in the fresh air. We also make use of the communities facilities and every child participates in a swimming program and gymnastics program annually.

Special events such as the Science Fair, School Swimming Sports, School Athletics Sports, Cross Country runs, Grandparents & Special Friends Day, Mothers and Fathers Day Breakfasts, Whole School Assemblies, Graduation ceremonies and End-of-Year Awards Assemblies all provide us with an opportunity to come together as a community to celebrate and enjoy the children's achievements and connect with others.

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