Student Athlete Program (SAP)


Do you have a passion for sport? Do you have a love for health and fitness? Do you want to improve as a student and an athlete? Then this is a program for you!

The Student-Athlete Program is designed to engage students with their schooling. It draws inspiration from extracurricular programs seen mostly in secondary schools. This is not an elite program to find the next Australian Sporting Superstar. It provides students with a pathway to follow their passion for sport, whilst bringing out the best in their education.

The program is offered to 15 - 20 students from grade 6 and will come with conditions of enrolment. Students must apply for entry and the program runs for the entire year. The program runs in conjunctions with the help of community sporting groups, such as the Feelgood Fitness, McQuinn’s Gym Bendigo, Crusoe College (Match Fit), Rock-Hard Kettlebells, Performance Therapies Bendigo, ADP Bendigo South East College, and SEDA.

The program aims to encourage students to improve their academics, behaviour, and attitude to their school and the community. The Student always comes before the Athlete. There is an expectation that students are up to date with their school-work, that their behaviour in and out of the classroom is excellent and their attitude is positive to all aspects of their schooling. This feedback is given to the students in the form of a fortnightly student and wellbeing survey filled out by their classroom teacher. If the expectations of the program are not met, the student will miss out on certain aspects of the program, whilst providing a plan to improve student outcomes over the upcoming fortnight.

Typically, a week in the Student-Athlete Program for each student consists of:

·        -  1 x 45-minute strength and condition classes after school time.

·         - 1 x 1 hour technical training and personal development session per week during school time.

·         - 1 Professional Development meeting a term. (Before school or recess times)

2020 APPLICATION WILL OPEN Oct 28th - Week 3, TERM 4!


Friday 22nd Nov 2019 (Week 7 of Term 4)

Application can be downloaded from the attachments below.

Please note:  There is a limited number of places in the program

Stacy Fiske,
Oct 28, 2019, 3:46 AM
Stacy Fiske,
Oct 28, 2019, 3:46 AM