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Welcome to Golden Square Primary School 5531 'Working As One'.

Our school has a strong commitment to being a caring school with quality teaching and much work is done to ensure this is embedded across all levels of our school and community. There is one very important consideration which guides the operation of our school, the decisions we make, and the processes we follow are done so to reflect what we believe ‘is in the best interests of the child.’

Here you will find committed teachers who have a genuine concern for your child. All have been active at various levels in making sure that programs are stimulating and that we are keeping abreast of current good practice in terms of the teaching experiences we offer to the children.

In recent years Golden Square Primary School has focussed heavily on redefining its operational policies and redeveloping its teaching and learning programs. While work continues to be done in these areas, and school review is an ongoing process, we are in the forefront of educational provision in Bendigo and pride ourselves on the continual improvement we are making in the eight key learning area programs.

The management of schools is somewhat different now to bygone days. This is important in our operation as it involves a greater degree of control and decision making at our local level. We have a greater say in the way our school operates. It also provides further opportunity for parents to become actively involved in school happenings. There are broad ranges of levels on which your involvement may occur and we encourage you to assist us in strengthening the parent - child - teacher links.

We believe that our school is an extremely positive environment in which your child can grow. Experienced, enthusiastic teachers, concerned and supportive School Council and Parents’ Club, and many keen parents involving themselves in a host of child centred programs allows the opportunity for a ‘family feel’ to exist in our school.

Of particular importance to us is the consistent reinforcement of ‘values’ which allow this tone to exist. We are committed to maintaining a caring, friendly school environment where children, teachers and parents support each other and everyone’s rights and efforts are respected.

Our school direction is clear. We hope that you take the opportunity to support us, to get involved, and enjoy your child’s time at Golden Square Primary School.

Barry Goode