New School

June 2015 - Moving into the new school.

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December 2014

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Work completed in the past 2 weeks includes the following:


- Roof Truss 100%

- External / internal framing on-going 70%

- Bricklaying on-going 60%

- Services rough-in 40%


- Services rough-in 00%

- Roofing 100%

- Bricklaying 90%

- External / internal framing on-going 85%

- Aluminium window framing 35%

June 18th 2014 update

Building A:  - MacKenzie St West end


·         Slab being poured today (see photos)

·         Brickies will begin block work (large grey bricks) on this slab on Monday

·         Structural steel will follow

Building C:   - Closest to High St


·         Slab poured

·         Block work (large grey cement bricks) will be completed today

·         Structural steel and columns is the next step, along with mechanicals in preparation for the suspended slab for the first floor


Building A:  - MacKenzie St West end


·         Slab being poured today (see photos)

·         Brickies will begin block work (large grey bricks) on this slab on Monday

·         Structural steel will follow

If you have driven past the Maple St site recently, you will have noticed that things continue to progress.  As mentioned previously, official handover is Friday, April 4th 2014.  The scaffolding has come down, which gives people a clearer view of the building. Obviously there will be some variations on whether people like what they see.  However, what we do know is that what has been built so far and what will be built over the course of this year, is a true reflection of what the students, staff and parents were a part of way back at the beginning of 2010.  Some important values and needs came out of the planning with K2LD.  These include-:

Term 2 2014

 Stage 1 - Administration, Art, Staff, Well-being, Library and Multimedia

·       The metaphor of the ‘tree house’.  This came through strongly from the students and is about wanting a school that reflected this metaphor.  Hence, double storey and timber paneling.

·       The notion of bringing in the seasons of the year and how a tree changes colour e.g. Autumn, Spring etc.  This explains to you how some of the colour pallets have been derived.

·       It was also identified that the children wanted space to play (hence double –storey buildings) and different playground equipment and areas.  This explains the climbing wall and will also be reflected in the playground equipment that is displayed in stage two.  There will multiple areas for the students to play at recesses and lunchtimes.  These include – Gymnasium (supervised activities), Oval area, playground areas, ball sport areas such as basketball, netball etc, rebound walls, four square, down ball areas.  There will also be designated quiet areas both external and internal.  This could include the library, art room or some identified spaces where students can be more passive.

·       The new veggie garden and chook enclosure was also important to the children to continue some of their recycling and sustainability work.  This will be situated at the end of the Learning Community at the west side of the school.  It will be fenced and secure.


The new roll-out turf oval commenced yesterday and will be completed today.  This will be maintained by the new automated watering system that has been operating for a few weeks now.  This will certainly provide a wonderful play area for the students.  The area is 90m x 45m, hence is quite a substantial space. 


In stage one, the only external works left to do include – Installation of a new water tank.  This tank will provide watering for much of our garden landscaping. There will also be a temporary asphalt path laid at the front entry of the building, to ensure the amount of dirt and mud brought into the building is minimized while also make the entry safe.  Some storm water pipes and guttering to be attached on south side. There will also be the normal site clean-up occurring.

Internally things are also almost complete.  Items left to complete include – some joinery, electrical fit-out, some carpet, some vinyl, signage, appliance fit-out, lift commissioned, phone/data lines activated, minor toilet and basin fit-outs, final painting touch-ups and then general cleaning ready for final presentation.

New Oval:

Some shots of the new oval taking shape.  The turf being used is top of the range ‘village green’.  We are very lucky to have this and it will be a wonderful asset to the school and possibly the wider community.