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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 2016 school year. Grade 5/6

posted Oct 26, 2014, 2:22 AM by Graeme Draaisma   [ updated Apr 21, 2016, 4:30 PM ]

The BYOD program is an option; not an expectation. Students not participating will still have access to an allocated netbook which would remain at school. This will ensure that we maintain a 1 to 1 program throughout the senior unit. In 2016 a full set of new netbooks were purchased for use for the Grade 6 students to use at school


In the past, senior students at Golden Square Primary School have had access to a 1-to-1 netbook program to support their learning. This program ignited a passion for digital learning and was the catalyst for some fantastic work by our students, putting Golden Square Primary School at the forefront of Information and Communication Technologies teaching and learning in Bendigo. The BYOD program provides parents and students with an opportunity to use their own personal device.

Preferred Device

  • Ipad2 or newer including iPad Mini

  • Microsoft Surface

  • Samsung Galaxy

  • Windows 7 or 8 netbook or ultrabook (not laptop)

  • Windows 8 tablet

  • Battery life of 8 hours

  • Device has a screen size 7.9 inches or greater

If you would like your child to participate the trial next year, several steps will need to be completed.

  1. An expression of interest form will be completed by parents, detailing the type of device (including specifications) the student would like to bring. This form is available on the school’s website. Only certain devices will be suitable, based on the required software and apps, and the ability to connect to the school’s network. A list will be provided. You will also need to complete a form online which is on the school’s website. www.gsquareps.vic.edu.au

  2. Parents will be notified if the device meets the requirements to support the digital learning program at G.S.P.S.   

  3. The Bring Your Own Device Agreement will be signed and returned to school.

  4. Students participating will bring their device to school to be checked by technicians. Chris or tech services our school on Tuesdays.

  5. The Principal, in collaboration with the school’s technician, will have the final say on the acceptability of any device.

Interested?  Click here to fill out what equipment you have that would be suitable for the BYOD trial. If you are unsure of any of the questions fill out what you can. You can also contact us at the following email address. byod@gsquareps.vic.edu.au

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