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Chaplains are provided to Victorian state schools by ACCESS Ministries. Many are employed as a result of Federal Government funding. A chaplain’s role includes providing pastoral care to all people associated with the school community. This is done through developing a relationship of trust, confidence and competency and may involve counselling and referral services.

A chaplain is available for the whole school community of Golden Square PS.

Some of the activities of the chaplain in our school are providing food for children in need, accompanying children to visit a local nursing home, giving support in classes, facilitating ‘Seasons for Growth’ grief and loss programme, helping parents to find appropriate services, providing lunchtime activities of art and craft, as well as helping parents and children struggling with anxiety, anger, grief, relationships and many more issues.

Federal Government funding is provided for chaplaincy to continue until the end of 2014. A local chaplaincy committee oversees the work of chaplains in Bendigo and raises funds to help provide chaplains in more schools. Parents are encouraged to join this committee which meets monthly.

Our chaplain, Wendy Kofoed is available to talk with parents as well as children and staff. If you would like to meet Wendy, please visit or phone the school on 54 436877. If you would like the chaplain to see your child, please contact her or talk to your child’s class teacher.

Wendy has had training and experience in pastoral care, and being a grief companion in the Seasons for Growth program. She has also recently trained in Toolbox parenting and in Friends for Life resilience program.

Golden Square Primary School is fortunate to have a school chaplain as a part of our Wellbeing team. The Chaplain at our school is funded through the Australian Government’s National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program and is supported by the Access Ministries Chaplaincy Committee.

Chaplaincy is a unique service that is of great value to our students, staff and parents, offering care, building the social skills of students, and encouraging responsible behaviour amongst our young people. Our Chaplain works as an integral part of our Wellbeing Team along with our Student Welfare Coordinator and other school based staff. Together they offer individual support, they plan and implement wellbeing programs across the curriculum and they participate in a broad range of school coordinated activities such as school excursions, camps, sporting events and assemblies. Student engagement in this Program is of a voluntary nature.

Each year our school council seeks feedback from our school community in order to enable us to review and confirm support for the Program. We also maintain a risk management plan which is reviewed annually. School procedures are followed for parents and students to seek referral, manage complaints and to opt out of the Program.