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A Team Approach

Golden Square Primary School has a strong commitment to Student well-being. We believe that students who are happy, healthy and settled give themselves the best chance to achieve to their potential. Special partnerships with parents, teachers, mentors and professionals are sometimes needed in order to achieve this goal. The whole Golden Square Primary School community; our students, parents and staff, promote and strive to achieve our values of resilience, acceptance, persistence, respect, honesty, responsibility, confidence, integrity, caring and fairness.


The school has two dedicated well-being officers who offer a range of expertise and services to support student well-being. The school is able to provide students, staff, parents and families with advice and support, and assist in the development of individual learning plans for those students who have special needs. Golden Square Primary School also has access to regional support personnel such as psychologists and speech pathologists who assist with making assessments and also offer advice and develop programs to meet individual student needs.


The school takes an holistic approach to Student well-being with a range of programs running in classrooms throughout the year. At the start of each year the students work through a specially designed "Values" program which helps to set the tone in classrooms and in the schoolyard for the remainder of the year.


Wilson McCaskill's learning through games is also a feature of the school's well-being program. Through specially developed games students learn the value of teamwork, cooperation, honesty and inclusion. Most importantly students learn to take responsibility for their own behaviour by learning how to make "strong" choices and by learning to be reflective and honest when a strong choice has not occurred.


You Can Do It is another classroom based program that builds on the key foundations for success. These foundations are Confidence, Organisation, Getting Along, Persistence, and Resilience.


Each class develops social skills through an oral language program.  The termly topics are: community, conflict resolution, personal power and team work.


Golden Square's approach to Wellbeing is always in a constant state of review as we strive to provide the best for the students in our care.